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These are some random thoughts. I really just need to make a list of all my new posts and photoshots because I really am backlogged. These past two weeks we’ve been busy getting ready for the first day at Malvern School. Bags packed, bangs trimmed, items labeled . . . This pic is one of my new favorite items – a splat mat from an etsy seller - Chalky Doodles. I just love it. At the end of the day it wipes clean or you can shake it outside. I’ve even seen the Libman mop man mopping it down (before he mopped himself to the center of the room).

Avery’s new favorite toy is the Little People House. I took a chance and bought it since she likes manipulatives so much and turns out she LOVES it! I am going to buy stock in little people. It’s a great new playskill for her! The other day I found “the mom” hanging out on the balcony rail. I feel my life is like that sometimes & lately with starting back to work, running a household, taking care of a toddler. Even the ultra-organized persona in me is starting to get overwhelmed. No, the mom did not jump and it’s nice to know that Avery “gets me.” The good thing is, fall = change and good things are happening for us all the time.

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