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I really like where I live. It’s in a small town at the tail end of the mainline suburbs in PA. On Friday, I dropped my daughter off at her YMCA gardening club and drove by the library to return some books. I traveled along the winding curves and under the tall trees. Cherry blossoms were at their peak and a train whistled in the distance. The downtown area is planning to undergo a main renovation in the next 10-15 years which is awesome since the distance to the train is currently walkable. Why was I feeling so settled?

Scott received a phone call several months ago about a job he applied for several years ago. They weren’t ready back then and they wanted him to come for another interview. The job was just outside NYC. I’ll admit we were nervous. For the first time in my adult life, I feel like I have roots. I am no longer a nomad and I’ve lived in a place for more than 2 years. I wasn’t sure I wanted to give that up for some unknown existence.

In the end, Scott didn’t get the job. I only want the best for my husband and a part of me was sad for him – not getting a job in his dream location. I’ll admit, I felt a sigh of relief that we didn’t have to make any decision. I am sure tree lined streets and neighborhood schools are in every town. But we are fortunate that I can use my own 2 feet to catch a train and a plane to anywhere in the world by walking outside my back door. We’ve made friends here to go out with, Avery has been accepting playdate invites left and right, we enjoy the places in our small community that we now call home – St. Luke’s, the YMCA, the library, the pediatrician (which Avery has not been there since her July well-visit – completely missing Dr. Devon), White Dog, Wilson Farm Park to name a few. And yet I know people move all the time, and that may be our reality one day. For now I am content just where I am and it really does feel good.

Laura A - I attempted to move away from my roots and only lasted a year before I moved back home :) It does feel good to be settled, doesn’t it?

Claire Lane - Love the perspective you took there!
I live about 3 hours drive away from my ‘roots’ but it’s my husband’s home so here to stay I think. I do miss having my family close by but wherever you live is what you make of it :-)

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