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Happy Father’s Day!

A couple of weeks to go; still counting down!! Here Scott & baby have a special bonding moment of their own! Clickcontinue reading . . . »

Date Night

Probably one of the last few times we’ll have date night as a family of 2. We decided to go to our 2 favoritecontinue reading . . . »

Nursery Update

Posting some additional pictures of the butterflies that Scott added on Sunday! I think she’ll enjoy watching themcontinue reading . . . »

34.5 Weeks!

Today we hit 101 degrees; very unusual for this time of year. Here I am trying to remain cool. We did manage to gocontinue reading . . . »


The nursery is just about finished so we thought we’d post some pics. I know when baby gets here it will have acontinue reading . . . »

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