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Photography | Disney 2012 Iphoneography

All photographs taken with my IPhone 4 and either camera+ or Instagram. Many of them include my olloclip lens withcontinue reading . . . »

Infertility | A guy’s perspective

What Would Fertility Look Like as an Ad? Wanted:  Wild Ride with Tons of Turns As the husband who has been goingcontinue reading . . . »

Infertility | Circumspection

Diary Entry February 2011, My infertility has always been public knowledge. While I don’t talk about it a lot &#continue reading . . . »

Infertility | Brings about the worst assvice.

Diary Entry April 2009, My husband has said since the beginning of our situation, we should focus on working with otherscontinue reading . . . »

Infertility | Good Karma

Diary Entry August 2011, This is a love story of sorts. A free-will giving. It is the story of a man who sold his car tocontinue reading . . . »

Infertility | National Infertility Awareness Week “Don’t ignore ACTION.”

This week I am blogging for a cause, kicking off my week-long blog postings to support Infertility Awareness. At RESOLVEcontinue reading . . . »

Recipe | Slow-Cooked Beef Minestrone

This recipe, Slow-Cooked Beef Minestrone, came in the Wegman’s magazine in fall of 2011. I tore the page out butcontinue reading . . . »

Photography | Roots

I really like where I live. It’s in a small town at the tail end of the mainline suburbs in PA. On Friday, Icontinue reading . . . »

Photography | Blackberries & Cream

Inspired today by this food photography blog post.continue reading . . . »

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