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Infertility | National Infertility Awareness Week “Don’t ignore ACTION.”

This week I am blogging for a cause, kicking off my week-long blog postings to support Infertility Awareness. At RESOLVE, bloggers were asked to post about this year’s theme: don’t ignore _______.

Don’t ignore ACTION because sometimes a more serious medical condition lurks under the guise of infertility. And knowing is better than not knowing, agree? In my personal experience, infertility will end up saving my life one day. What I know now about Premature Ovarian Failure will help me prevent those serious health risks associated with unopposed estrogen and early on-set menopause: Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Breast Cancer and Uterine Cancer. More importantly I’ve been an advocate for my own healthcare. I show up at doctor’s offices having done my research, well-informed about medications they are recommending. I get a 2nd opinion when necessary. I fact check everything. If you need to stop and ask yourself, “am I okay?” then you need to go, make that appointment. If I wasn’t drinking the kool-aid (birth control pills = evil) for so long I would have gone in sooner.

Stop back in this week and check out my diary entries on infertility.

RESOLVE information:

RESOLVE’s Campaign in 2012: Don’t ignore infertility

RESOLVE’s Campaign in 2011: Bust a Myth information

Infomation on High FSH/Premature Ovarian Failure/Diminished Ovarian Reserve:

Elevated basal FSH reflects quantity – Human Reproduction

Network 54 High FSH

Columbia University Center

High FSH Info

Premature Ovarian Failure

My FAVORITE infertility blogs to read:

Mel at The Stirrup Queens

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Good reads:

RESOLVE & Redbook:  The Invisible Pain of Infertility

My FAVORITE couple: Guiliana & Bill (who at the time of this post have announced their pregnancy via gestational surrogacy!)

My FAVORITE book: Waiting for Daisy by Peggy Orenstein



Angela - Looking forward to following along R. A great cause. Good for you!!!

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